You’ve decided you want to install a fireplace in your home, but would a gas or wood fireplace be best? Questions of affordability, practicality, and just general pros and cons often come up when a homeowner wants to add a fireplace. Besides the major differences in how they function, there are various factors to consider when deciding between a gas or wood fireplace. 


Pros: There’s nothing like the feeling of cozying up next to a crackling fire, and the pride of building it can bring just as much satisfaction! You’ll get those authentic smells and sounds with a wood fireplace, and you can even enjoy the delicacy of cooking s’mores and other bonfire foods indoors! A wood fireplace can also help lower your utility bills in the colder months—turn down the thermostat and start a fire to heat that area of the home.  

Cons: Wood fireplaces do require more maintenance than gas fireplaces. The fireplace and chimney need to be inspected at least once a year, and you’ll need to remove the ash from the fireplace after using it. There’s more effort involved in the making of the fire as well since you’ll need to get wood for it.  


Pros: Gas fireplaces are easy to use and only take the click of a remote or button to turn on. They require much less maintenance and still provide heat: something important to have if the power goes out. They’re also more efficient at heating the home, as a ventless fireplace will keep all of that heat inside the room. If you don’t want to have to get your own wood and clean up ash, a gas fireplace is a great option. 

Cons: While the flames are real, you won’t get that real wood aroma and crackling sound. Fuel also costs much more than wood, so owning a gas fireplace can be more expensive. While wood fireplaces can be more dangerous, there is still a risk with gas fireplaces. The glass gets hot to the touch, and a poorly maintained fireplace can create carbon monoxide. Many gas fireplaces do have oxygen sensors to prevent this from happening, however.  

No matter the type, adding a fireplace can increase the value of your home and add some ambiance to your space. The type of fireplace you install truly depends on your personal preferences, so there’s no right or wrong answer. The experts at Brekke Fireplace Shoppe will lead you through choosing and designing a fireplace that best fits your home!