Fireplaces are often associated with residential settings, but they can also elevate the ambiance and comfort level of commercial spaces. However, with various fireplace options available, it is important to carefully consider the best choice for business settings. In this article, we will explore the ideal fireplaces for businesses, taking into account maintenance, safety regulations, and budget considerations. 

What Is the Preferred Option Between Electric or Gas Fireplaces? 

When it comes to fireplaces in commercial settings, electric and gas fireplaces are highly recommended. These options require less maintenance and align with the safety regulations necessary for businesses. Electric and gas fireplaces offer added convenience and peace of mind, making them the practical choice. Furthermore, their installation is relatively easier as they do not require a chimney. Additionally, their heat output can be easily controlled, ensuring the safety of everyone in the vicinity. 

What are the Ideal Business Environments for Fireplace Installations?

Let’s explore some specific areas within businesses where the addition of a fireplace can greatly enhance the atmosphere and create a cozy environment: 

Retail Locations

Introducing a fireplace in a retail space can transform the shopping experience for customers, making them feel at home. A comfortable and inviting environment encourages customers to stay longer, which can increase the likelihood of sales. This is particularly beneficial if your retail business focuses on home products.

Waiting Rooms

Creating a pleasant and cozy waiting room experience is essential for businesses that have customers or clients who spend time waiting. By incorporating a stylish fireplace, you can provide a warm and comforting atmosphere, reminiscent of home. This not only enhances the waiting experience but also helps to alleviate any feelings of impatience.


For restaurants, fireplaces can be an exquisite addition, whether in indoor dining areas or outdoor patios. In addition to creating a captivating ambiance, fireplaces, fire pits, or torches can extend the usability of outdoor spaces, allowing patrons to enjoy them even during cooler seasons. This offers a unique and memorable dining experience, giving your restaurant a competitive edge.  

How to Choose the Perfect Hearth for Your Business 

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By introducing fireplaces in commercial spaces, businesses can create a warm, welcoming, and cozy environment, positively impacting customer experiences. Electric and gas fireplaces, known for their convenience, ease of maintenance, and safety features, are highly recommended options for business settings. Whether in retail locations, waiting rooms, or restaurants, the addition of a fireplace can elevate the atmosphere and provide an enjoyable experience for both customers and employees. Visit Brekke Fireplace Shoppe to explore a wide range of fireplace options and make your business even more inviting and comfortable.