September is here, and cold weather is coming soon! As fall temperatures get chilly, wood stoves and fireplaces start getting used in homes again. Just imagine coming home from a cold day at the pumpkin patch and curling up next to a wood burning stove with a cup of something hot. Warmth and comfort are some benefits of having a wood burning stove in your home, but there’s actually quite a few perks!

They don’t require electricity to run. If the power goes out, you’ve still got a heat source. Wood is an affordable source of fuel, so if you’re looking to lower your utility bill in winter, turn off the heat and snuggle up to the fire. The right wood burning stove can heat your entire home!

They’re aesthetically pleasing. Does your living room need a focal point? A fireplace can add so much character to your home. One extra bonus: it can raise the value of your home!

They’re eco-friendly. Wood can be sourced sustainably from managed forests, and you should always use dry or seasoned logs to avoid unwanted build up in the chimney. Pro-tip: when burning scrap wood from home projects or lumber yard waste to avoid adding to landfills, use them in an outdoor fire to avoid potentially harmful emissions in the home.

They’re a great gathering place. As it gets colder, people will be spending more time inside—what better place to sit than by a nice warm fire? Family and friends can enjoy each other’s company around a nice heat source.

Overall, wood burning stoves and fireplaces are a practical and eye-catching heat source. Brekke Fireplace Shoppe has a variety of options available that you can check out on our website:

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