It’s been a warm summer! Fall is approaching, but it’s not going to get chilly just yet. The fire features listed below are great options for this “shoulder” season when the nights slowly start to cool down but are still warm enough to enjoy some time outside.

Tempest Torch

Tempest Torches are a great fire feature when you don’t want the heat. These are all about ambiance and keeping the area lit when the sun goes down. They can make the cooler nights rather cozy!

Gas Fire Pits

You can get plenty of use out of a gas fire pit in both summer and fall. Cozy up to the fire on those chillier nights, but still enjoy bonfires during the warm periods, too. You can adjust the heat on a gas fire pit, so any night is the perfect night for a fire.

Round Firepit Dining & Coffee Tables

Outdoor dining doesn’t have to end once fall comes around. In the summer, adjust the heat so that it isn’t too warm, and in fall, adjust as needed to stay cozy and comfortable.

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

In the summertime, outdoor fireplaces are more of a gathering space than a heat source. But on the cooler nights, they can extend your time outside and keep your family and guests warm.

As nights get colder in the future, fires will be needed indoors. But, summer coming to a close doesn’t mean you have to stop using your outdoor fire feature. The team at Brekke always wants you to get the most out of your products, and our outdoor options will do just that!