Installing an outdoor fire feature is a fun excuse for family and friends to gather in the summertime. Whether you’re roasting hot dogs or just wanting to enjoy the heat once the sun has gone down, Brekke Fireplace Shoppe has a variety of outdoor products that fit your needs.

Firepit Dining Tables—These come in many sizes but are generally smaller and the perfect solution for a patio that doesn’t have much space to spare. Gas firepits have a whole world of perks—one of which is that you can light it with the touch of a button!

Gas Outdoor Fireplaces—There are many different styles to choose from, but any outdoor fireplace brings a whole new dimension to your backyard. The heat also extends the seasonal range of your patio! Styles range from rustic brick to sleek and modern. You can check out the Marquis Aurora Gas Outdoor Fireplace in the products section of our website.

Tempest Torch—If you’re just looking for ambiance and light, the tempest torch is the feature for you. These space-saving products look beautiful when surrounding a pool or lining a pathway and are nice to stand next to when it gets a bit chilly.

Gas Fire Pit—After a fun bonfire, the last thing anyone wants to do is extinguish flames and coals before bed. But, with gas fire pits, you don’t have to! They’re convenient and friendly to the environment since there’s no ash or soot. Some areas of the state have ordinances against burning, so a gas fire pit still allows you to enjoy that heat without breaking any rules. With these types of features, all you have to do is enjoy and relax.

Check out our website for a full list of the outdoor fire products that we carry!