Fireplaces are more than a source of heat and warmth—they are a key element of interior design as well. From classic brick to contemporary corner fireplaces, there is a style for every space. With summer and fall remodeling seasons upon us, take a look at the top trends for 2021 and beyond.

For a modern look, embrace minimalistic, clean lines. Linear-shaped fireplaces can be accented by matte tile, marble, or a bold color, for a subtle yet attractive addition to any space. Not only does a contemporary fireplace instantly become a gorgeous focal point for any room, but with new advances in energy efficiency, they are incredibly cost-effective as well.

To create a bold focal point for your space, opt for a dramatic floor-to-ceiling look. Or, incorporate the entire wall into the design, accenting the fireplace with detailed molding or artwork. Dramatic fireplaces are best utilized in large spaces with high ceilings.

A traditional brick fireplace has its place in a variety of homes, especially those embracing rustic or classic trends. Brick accentuates rich wooden mantles for a time-honored look that never goes out of style.

Fireplaces are a creative addition to bohemian-style spaces, especially when paired with intricate, patterned tiles and bold colors. Fireplaces add a magical warmth to these spaces, creating a very laid-back ambiance perfect for any boho space.

As remodeling seasons approach, there are a variety of trends that can be incorporated into your home. We recommend getting ahead when it comes to design plans as some fireplaces may take longer to order than others once busy season arrives. Stop by our shop in Rochester, MN or give us a call today to learn more!