Gas fireplaces are often selected by homeowners for their low maintenance and energy efficiency. A clean and easy solution to add ambiance and heat to a room, these fireplaces are a convenient option for homeowners wanting to add warmth and charm to their home without the added hassles that accompany a wood fireplace.

Convenience aside, gas fireplaces offer a healthy list of additional benefits:

  • Operation costs run lower than wood burning fireplaces.
  • No chopping wood or storing of logs required.
  • Equally as warm and inviting as a traditional wood burning units but with less required cleaning and maintenance.
  • Gas fireplaces release fewer harmful gases into the environment than wood burning fireplaces.
  • Gas fireplaces offer a wider variety of customization options.

Gas fireplaces require minimal upkeep. Gas units should be dusted every now and then and must be evaluated and cleaned by a professional at least once a year. Other than that, there’s not much necessary to keep these units spick-and-span.

When you hire Brekke Fireplace Shoppe for your fireplace installation, we make sure to check all the features are working correctly and let you know the best ways to maintain your gas fireplace. Find your favorite fireplace today!