When you imagine a fireplace, you most likely think of a cozy living room with brick accentuating the warm glow of the fire. While this traditional model has certainly stood the test of time, there are also new, innovative ways to incorporate fireplaces into a variety of spaces. Whether you desire something modern or eclectic, showstopping or subtle, here are a few ways to break the classic mold and create a unique space:

Corner of the room

Traditional fireplace setups are typically the hallmark in living rooms, commanding attention (and space) in the center of a wall. Instead, a fireplace in the corner of a room adds warmth without sacrificing square footage. This is advantageous in small and spacious rooms alike, allowing more space for furniture in the former, and freeing wall space for art or entertainment units in the latter.

Double-sided fireplace

Double-sided fireplaces are a creative way to bring two rooms together, with benefits that go beyond style alone. One of the major benefits is the ability to heat two wall-sharing rooms at the same timeā€”for the cost of one. In a larger, more open room, a double-sided fireplace in the center helps heat the room more effectively while creating an architectural focal point that people are naturally drawn to.

Electric fireplace

Unfortunately, some spaces do not have favorable dimensions for a traditional fireplace. Luckily, electric fireplaces are an easy alternative. Available in a wide variety of styles, electric fireplaces can drastically enhance a room where a traditional fireplace was impractical, adding a memorable touch to a smaller space.

Office space

Nothing elevates an office quite like a fireplace. Surprisingly, fireplaces are often a forgotten addition in modern workspaces. Those who remember to include this design feature enjoy a luxurious yet comfortable ambiance, sure to be remembered fondly by visitors.

Dress up a waiting room

Waiting rooms are notorious for being cold and bland. The simple addition of a fireplace can create a comfortable, homey space that puts your clients at ease. And, cozy waiting rooms make delays more bearable.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate a fireplace into a unique space. Here at Brekke Fireplace Shoppe, we take pride in finding innovative ways to enhance your home. Give us a call today!