Is 2020 the year you spruce up your patio space? One thing you do not want to forget is a heat source. Adding a fire table or outdoor fireplace not only adds ambiance, it will extend the seasonal use of your patio space. Chilly spring or fall evenings become cozy with a bit of heat!

Deciding between a fire table or outdoor fireplace has considerations. Space limitations, design factors, budgets, timeline, and how you plan to entertain in the space are factors in your decision. This month, we’re focusing on the benefits of fire tables. Be sure to check in next month for the pros associated with an outdoor fireplace.

Fire tables are portable additions that are a flexible design element. They are also very convenient for entertaining. The burner covers included in most styles allow you quickly convert from a dining table to a comfortable entertaining space once the sun goes down.

A quick list of why a fire table is a good choice is noted below.

  1. Gas fire pits allow you to control the flame height giving you the ability to adjust to the perfect temperature for all. Flame control also makes this patio heat source a good choice if you live in a city where burning ordinances may be an issue.
  2. They are fast to light and quick to heat. With the touch of a finger, you will have heat and ambiance unlike with traditional wood burning fire pit that can sometimes be hard to light.
  3. Sparks and hot embers that create holes in patio furniture are not an issue with a gas flame fire table or fire pit. This makes fire tables a very versatile feature in a landscape or patio design.
  4. Fire tables come in many shapes and sizes! From pub tables to coffee tables. See the photo above for an example of a fire coffee table.
  5. Burners can be covered on a fire table to create a functional serving space when you don’t want the extra heat or ambiance of the flames.

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