While fireplaces are most commonly pictured in the home, they can also be used to add a comforting, cozy vibe to a business. However, with all of the different types of fireplaces, what is the best option?

In general, we recommend electric or gas fireplaces as the perfect solution. Businesses will often need a fireplace that requires less maintenance and fits specific regulations for safety reasons. Electric or gas fireplaces are much easier to maintain than a wood one, and they are often the best choice for a budget. Because they do not require a chimney, they’re easier to install. Additionally, they’re typically safer for people to be around since the heat can be controlled with a dial or switch, so you don’t have to worry about customers being too close. Either way, these choices will add a nice ambiance to your business.

Here are some places where a fireplace addition would be a great idea:

Retail Locations

A fireplace will make your retail floor feel like your customers are home. If they feel comfortable, they’ll stay longer, and that increases your chances of making a sale—especially if your retail includes any home products.

Waiting Rooms

While your customers/clients wait, let them enjoy comforts that remind them of home. A stylish, cozy waiting room will improve their experience, and it also makes the wait easier. For example, the average patient wait time is a little over 18 minutes, according to a 2018 study by Vitals, but an unwelcome waiting room can cut that short.


Whether it’s for an indoor area or patio, a fireplace will take your restaurant to a whole new level. Plus, having a fireplace, firepit, or torches will extend the life of your patio so your patrons can still enjoy it even in early spring or late fall.

If you’re interested in updating or adding a fireplace to your business, give Brekke Fireplace Shoppe a visit to find the perfect hearth for your needs and budget. We are located in Rochester, MN and have an extensive in-store and online collection to view.