Even if you’re in a small house or want a fireplace in a small room, you don’t have to miss out on the beauty of a mantle or hearth in your home.

When you really want to minimize or lack the wall space for a full fireplace/mantel, a stove is a great alternative. Depending on its ventilation needs, it will be confined to a wall; however, they are typically not as wide as a fireplace and do not need a mantel. Plus, they can be positioned easily like the Lopi Greenfield Gas Stove pictured above, fits neatly in a corner of a room.

Just like how interior decorators recommend utilizing wall space and vertical builds rather than horizontal to make a room look bigger, you can do the same with your fireplace. Here is a great example from our catalog:

The Marquis Serenity Gas Fireplace (above) shows off a unique rustic style great for a variety of decor. It’s ability to be placed higher on the wall, like the Xtordinair, allows you to decorate up rather than out.  This flexibility in placement really works well in smaller spaces.

If the vertical doesn’t quite fit the style you want, there’s always fireplaces that do not have a mantel, which can take up space by dominating a room. A fireplace like the Valcourt Antoinette Wood Fireplace (below) looks larger than it is thanks to the thin border, so you get a warm focal point without taking up too much space.

Have we got you thinking about a space that could use a fireplace? We have a huge selection available in store and even more if you’d like to order from one of our many providers. Stop by our Rochester, MN location and we can get you on track to stay warm this winter and all the ones to come in the future.