Beautiful summer evenings were made for outdoor fireplace products. Whether you’re looking to add a mood setting accent to a pool area or wanting to add just a bit of warmth to your patio lounge space, we have just the right products for your needs. We break down your option below. Hopefully, we’ll spark some ideas that will make your outdoor space perfect.

Fire table.

A great choice for those who love to entertain guests on their patio. It helps keep them warm on those chilly nights, and it’s easy to gather some chairs around the sides. There are many styles to choose from, so whether you’re looking only for a bit of ambiance or a place to gather the family for dinner, we can help.


This is the best product for warming up around a fire on all sides. The best part with our firepits is the are gas instead of traditional wood burning. That means no smoke in your eyes.

Outdoor fireplace.

These are ideal for when you want it all; you can cook food over the fire, gather around for warmth, and establish a focal point for your landscaping design. Outdoor fireplaces work best when centered around a kitchen or seating area so your family/guests can gather comfortably.


Torches are great for those who want to add ambiance to their landscape. They’re a lovely way to add some more light to the darker corners of your patio, accent a pool, or light a pathway. They also give off a bit of warmth when standing close to them.

If you’re still stumped on what works best for your outdoor living space, the experts at Brekke Fireplace Shoppe will help you choose the best product for your needs. Enjoy the summer nights in cozy luxury!