As a central part of our home, your living room area greets a lot of guests. Great paint, a comfy couch and some fun throw pillows are a good start, but if you really want to add some warmth to your home—both figuratively and literally—install a fireplace!

A warm hearth naturally helps the space feel cozier, which is why fireplaces are such a popular feature in home building. However, an outdated design can really detract from your living area. Luckily, if your current fireplace is still functional and safe, there are ways to update it. Facing materials like these from our website can replace the worn or outdated face of your fireplace to better work with your decor. Or, if the fireplace is no longer functioning, you can purchase a new one from our extensive collection.

After adding the fireplace to your living area, it will naturally call more attention to the room. But if you really want it to stand out, then you need to utilize the mantel space and personalize it to your home style. A couple great ways to make the mantel a focal point in the room include:

  • Using unique or fun tiles on the lower mantel for a pop of color.
  • Mounting a TV above the fireplace.
  • Placing some fresh or fake flowers on the above mantel.
  • Hanging a large artwork above the fireplace.
  • Showing the importance of family by placing family photos on the above mantel.
  • Placing a framed mirror above the fireplace, which makes the room seem larger.
  • Changing up your mantel decor depending on the season or holiday to always keep it fresh.
  • Hanging or placing two wall lamps on each side above the mantel to add even more light.

Through these simple tricks, you can make your fireplace a warm and welcoming focal point of your home that you and your guests will love. If you’re thinking of replacing or buying a new fireplace, we offer a variety of traditional and contemporary gas, electric, or wood options at our Rochester location. We also offer installation services and a free home estimate.