Happy Spring!

The change of seasons is one of the best parts of living in Minnesota, and spring happens to be one of our favorite times. We love spending time with family and friends on our patio enjoying a nice evening. However, there are many nights in spring, summer, and fall where those evenings would not be very enjoyable without a heat source like a fire table or outdoor gas fireplace. Once you add that heat source to your landscaping, you’re bringing a whole new dimension to your outdoor living. Some of the benefits include:

First and foremost, it adds heat.

Just adding a heat source to your outdoor living area helps extend its use for chilly days or when the weather starts to cool in the fall. Once the sun sets, it’s a great way to gather friends and family around a warm fire that (depending on the type you get) you can simply turn on with the flick of a switch. You’ll be the place to host a party when you have an outdoor fireplace/firetable available.

Introduces a cozy ambiance.

What’s better than the look of a cozy fire? Your patio can be just as inviting as your home when there’s a fire to cozy up to. Placing comfortable seating and blanket storage near it helps that homey ambience, and guests will feel welcome and warm as they mingle. Plus, for some models, the fire can be used for roasting marshmallows or s’mores—the perfect comfort treat.

Adds natural lighting.

No need to go crazy on lighting on those dark nights when you have the help of a fire to light the way. Or, if you have a pathway or space between the house and fire, you can use torches to help keep guests safe as they move around. With less electric lighting, you’ll also have less light pollution to affect your view of the stars.

Comes in a variety of styles.

Depending on your own style and needs, there are many options to choose from for outdoor fireplace products. We have, for example, a wide selection: a gas fireplace, gas fire pit, fire table, wood oven, torches, and more. The designs can be more contemporary, rustic, industrial, or other, depending on what you require for your outdoor space’s current decor. If you want a way to cook and stay warm, for example, then a stove or fireplace might be best. If you want to add a lot of mood lighting in smaller pockets, then torches might be what you need.

If you’re interested in extending your outdoor living time and adding a much needed heat source to your patio, we’d be happy to assist you with picking out the perfect product. Come visit us at our Rochester location so you can enjoy the Minnesota spring to its fullest!