When choosing between the different fireplace options, many go for the low maintenance choice of a gas fireplace. While it does require less cleaning and supply, it still needs some work to ensure peak performance. Just like any appliance in your home, a gas fireplace can break down or need cleaning services. Especially with gas involved, there’s always an extra need for inspection and maintenance in case of any gas leaks.

In general, fireplace sellers recommend annual inspections on gas fireplaces. There’s many ways a damaged gas fireplace could pose a risk to your family, but regular maintenance helps manage those potential risks. For instance, vents could become clogged due to build-up of debris or deteriorating ceramic logs. Over time, those logs naturally move due to the deterioration, but an inspector will know how to properly place them to keep your vents clear. Other ventilation problems could arise if animals compromise it or other damage is done to the system.

Additionally, there’s always a risk of a carbon monoxide leak. If you did not have a certified professional inspect and test the fireplace, then you should hire someone right away for an inspection. As with anything fire-related, there’s also a risk of untamed fire. If the pilot light is on but the fireplace isn’t properly flaming, turn off the fireplace. There could be a risk of an explosion due to a gas line malfunction.

While gas fireplaces will generally require less maintenance, there’s always safety risks involved with any kind of fireplace. However, regular maintenance can catch those potential issues and prevent damage or injury. Overall, annual inspections will help keep your family safe, and it can also save you money in the long-run if you catch a costly problem in its early stage. When you hire Brekke Fireplace Shoppe for your fireplace installation, we make sure to check all the features are working correctly and let you know the best ways to maintain your gas fireplace.