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Due to the “Stay Home” Order put into place, our showroom is currently closed. We are still available for calls or video chats 507-282-4608 or check out our virtual showroom tours below.

Try out our Fireplace Builder and Custom Door Visualizer to try out different products in your home. Just upload a photo!


Now you can see what a new fireplace or insert would look like from home! Use the “Firebuilder” to try different looks and styles. Just upload a picture of your fireplace!

Visualize what new doors would look like on your fireplace from the comfort of your home! Use the “Custom Door Visualizer” to try different looks and styles. Just upload a picture of your fireplace!

Product Visualizer Disclaimer: Due to the highly custom nature of our products, the options provided in the visualizer may not reflect the most accurate, updated options for each product. Some combinations of finishes, options, and features may not be available for order. Colors and options are 3d rendered, and may not be a perfect representation. Please reference the Spec Sheets for each product, and see your local dealer for physical Color Samples and to review options for each order, before making any final selections. Some products and options that are available for purchase are not available on the visualizer at this time. We are continually striving to provide the most accurate product information, and will be updating the Visualizer periodically.

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