Since we have limited warm months in Minnesota, summer means it’s time for barbeques and outdoor gatherings. If you’re a fan of entertaining guests, you want to be able to make the most out of your outdoor space—an outdoor, wood-burning oven can help you do just that.

Aesthetic and Ambiance

If you have guests over often, it’s likely that you want your outdoor space to look its best. A wood oven expands your outdoor living and creates the perfect gathering place on your patio. Adding an oven will elevate the area, give it a more luxurious feel, and increase value of your home as well.

Spending More Time with Guests

When you’re cooking for friends and family, it can be annoying to have to go in and out of the house frequently to check on the oven. By having the oven outside, you can still spend time with the people you care about, and you can enjoy some sunshine.

Smoky Flavors

A wood-burning oven gives food a smoky flavor that a regular oven just can’t. If you have a passion for cooking, an outdoor oven is the next step in crafting your skill. Food will have different flavors depending on the wood you choose, and you can experiment to find the crowd pleasers.

Higher Temperatures

Unlike typical, indoor ovens, a wood-burning oven can reach temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that Neapolitan pizza lovers can make these pizzas at home in their wood ovens, as 800 degrees is the temperature needed to cook it to perfection. Cooking pizzas is one of the most common reasons for buying a wood-burning oven.

Saving Time and Energy

Because wood ovens can operate at higher temperatures, your food will get done quicker, allowing you to socialize more. You’re also saving money on energy bills by using wood to cook rather than a gas oven indoors. Brekke Fireplace Shoppe offers two wood-burning oven models: Fontana Margherita and Fontana Mangiafuoco. Both models have the option to be free-standing or to integrate into your existing outdoor kitchen by just using the oven and not the stand. If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor living and add a wood-burning oven, give us a call or stop by our showroom to talk with one of our experts.