We’re well into the warm spring season, so homeowners have left the cozy indoor fireplaces and moved to the outdoor fire features. In Minnesota, we take the nice weather when we can get it, so many of our summer nights are spent outdoors. When you’re shopping for the perfect fire feature, consider a fire pit table.


Fire pit tables are attractive and inviting, creating the ideal ambiance for your backyard. They add style and are a great focal point for your patio—they also come in various materials and designs, letting you choose the best look for your space.


Summer is the time for friends and family to gather outside and enjoy their time together. A fire pit table serves as the perfect entertainment piece where your guests can enjoy refreshments while sitting around the fire. You can also eat at your table without turning the flame on, saving you from having to add a regular dining table to the patio and losing space.

Controlled Flame

It’s a common occurrence: you invite friends over for a bonfire, but the flames are too big and just make everyone hot. A gas fire pit table takes the large flames out of the equation, so if you’re too warm, you can simply turn down the flame.

Shoulder Seasons

While fire pit dinner and coffee tables are excellent in the warm months, they’re also great for shoulder seasons when it’s too chilly to be outside without a heat source. These tables allow you to enjoy your backyard long into the fall and in the early spring.

No Cleanup

When the night is over, the last thing anyone wants to do is stay up to make sure the fire is completely out. With a gas fire pit table, it just takes the push of a button to put the fire out, saving you time and from having to worry about whether or not the fire is truly out.

If you’re not sure what outdoor fire table will work the best for you and your space, our experts are here to help. Stop by during our showroom hours to talk to our experienced team or to find your perfect fire feature. Located in Rochester, MN, we’ve been providing quality fireplaces and fireplace equipment since 1964.