A new year means it’s time for new trends! Is a new fireplace or a remodel in your plans for 2022? Before you start selecting products and materials, check out these popular 2022 fireplace design trends.

Contemporary Marble

Fireplaces are much more than a heat source—they do wonders for your home’s aesthetic! Marble facing materials and mantles are a popular choice for a trendy, contemporary look. Black and white are common colors, and they add a nice touch of elegance to the room. White can really brighten up the space, too!


Sleek lines and simple surrounds are a must for minimalist style. Neutral colors with small mantles, or no mantle at all, are the key to getting that minimalist look. It’s more about the comfort of a fire than the appearance for those that prefer this style, so when planning out your fireplace design, less is more.

Subtle and Integrated

If you don’t want your fireplace to stand out, but rather to fit in with the existing style and color of the room, choose an integrated design. These fireplaces are often the same color as the wall or are a neutral to compliment the wall and décor around them. The fireplace surround and mantle are built more for practicality than to show off the fireplace.


Vintage style is back and taking the design world by storm. If the room has a lot of antique or vintage décor, the fireplace should match. Natural wood is popular if the room is already filled with natural antique furniture—if you go the painted route, stick to neutral colors to maintain that soft, vintage appearance.

Subtle and Modern

These sleek, modern fireplaces have been popular in modern spaces, and that’s not changing in 2022. Because they don’t take up much room, they’re a perfect fit for a room that just needs a little something. They’re great to place underneath televisions and are a practical choice for bedrooms or rooms that are less common to have a fireplace in.

Corners and Room Dividers

Fireplaces that divide rooms, such as splitting the living room from the dining room, are a popular style for modern spaces. If you want a fireplace but can’t sacrifice the room, adding it onto an existing corner is an easy fix. See-through fireplaces in walls that separate rooms are another trendy choice and add warmth to both areas.

Bedroom Fireplaces

These were a must-have in the days before the furnace, as a fireplace in the bedroom was the only way to stay warm. In modern days, there isn’t really a need for a bedroom fireplace if your home has a central heating source, so they became almost obsolete. However, they’re back in style and are turning bedrooms into the perfect cozy spot. There isn’t a singular design trends for bedrooms—it’s more about complimenting the existing aesthetic.

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