Does your patio or backyard feel like it’s missing something? Consider an outdoor fireplace! Not only are these big, beautiful structures the perfect finishing touch: they’re also a great gathering place for family and friends. With so many options for building, how do you know what style is for you? We’ve gathered some photos and examples to help you make your decision.

Rustic: If you’re a fan of the vintage farmhouse look, you’ll enjoy a rustic brick fireplace. Red brick is ideal for the farmhouse vibe, but stone also gets you that vintage look. It creates a laid-back and inviting look, perfect for casual summer evenings.

Stone: This is a more common, classic look. Large, chunky stones are a great way to make your space look welcoming. It’s visually appealing, and can be rather impressive depending on the size. It’s a great statement piece without looking too fancy.

Stucco Finish: This style is more on the minimalist side; its clean, smooth finish creates a simple yet sophisticated look. You don’t have to have a stucco finish on your home for this to work; its simplicity makes it work with any structure!

Contemporary: These fireplaces are still rather minimalist, but they’re sleeker than a stucco finish. If you’re wanting something smaller and elegant, a contemporary look is perfect for you. This clean-cut fireplace will certainly be the focal point of your backyard.