As we move further into the cold season, it’s important to think about whether or not your home is ready. Here are some small maintenance tasks to take care of around the home, both inside and out:

  • Clear out the gutters and downspouts so that they’re not blocked. When it rains or the snow melts, blocked gutters can make it easier to get an ice dam and blocked spouts can make the water go towards your home instead of away from it.
  • Seal any leaks around the windows or doors with caulking or weather strips. If the drafts are coming from a gap under the door, then a door draft stop will work best.
  • Get your heating and air checked out before you’re trapped inside with it all winter. This easy maintenance task could help find any potential issues so you can fix it before it becomes a big problem. You should also make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working.
  • Cover any outdoor water features, patio furniture, or plants that need protection from the harsh winter weather.
  • Check the chimney for any damage such as cracks, loose bricks, or bad mortar and that the cap is secured to prevent wildlife from getting in. It’s also important to get annual inspections for your fireplaces, no matter the type.

Or maybe you don’t have a fireplace, and you’ve decided this is finally the year to add this cozy accent to your home. Do you know your options?

If you’re looking for classic, try a wood fireplace. The ambiance of a warm, crackling fire will make any chilly day a cozy one in your home. Plus, if the electricity goes out during a storm, you still have a way to keep your family warm. It does require a supply of wood and more maintenance, but if that ambiance appeals to you, then this is your kind of fireplace.

If you’re looking for efficiency, try a gas fireplace. They turn on at the touch of a switch, and they can be personalized so you can choose how hot or warm it gets. It does not require as much maintenance as a wood one does, but it does not have the crackling sounds or aroma of a wood one.

If you’re looking for cost-effective, try an electric fireplace. They are also ideal for small spaces and cost the least out of the other options. Depending on the type you get, an insert or stove, they can be easily portable. They will not have the ambiance or actual fire of a wood or gas fireplace, but they are easily maintained because of that.

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